Industry 4.0 - Don't leave govt incentives on the table

Hear from KPMG’s Doug Gates as he talks about the variety of tax incentives that are available globally around i4.0 investment.



One of the things that KPMG did over the last few months is we had our global tax team working with our supply chain and our I 4 working team to develop a point of view of the 18 top manufacturing countries in the world.  What we did is we looked at them from the standpoint of how our government is getting involved in supporting this initiative and what we found is it's a national imperative if you look at countries like Singapore, China, Japan, Korea, literally the government's are behind major incentive engines to drive the investment in new technology, the re-scaling of workforces, the development of new facilities and as we talk to manufacturers, for instance in the US, we're telling them that if you look 5, to 10, to 15 years out, they need to recognize this as a national imperative and the fact that the US was not ranked number one in the report, Singapore actually was, that other countries are looking at building their supply chains in their supply base to really be world leaders and if they succeed there's a potential to replace some of the Western industrial power houses with their capabilities

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