Trade and customs in manufacturing

KPMG’s Doug Zuvich talks about top trade and customs trends and disruptors that are impacting the manufacturing industry.



IM are really channels with two things – the first are the new tariffs that have come out on steel and aluminum as well as tariffs from goods from China and they're also anticipating potential tariffs on automotive parts.  That's one.  The second is what's going to happen with NAFTA.  We now know that there is no a NAFTA 2.0 and US MCA and that's really changed a lot of the rules.  Those are two areas that industrial manufacturing clients are dealing with.

KPMG is helping industrial manufacturing clients through the whole spectrum of issues related to tariffs, the new NAFTA, everything related to US trade, all the things that are changing today from helping them develop a strategy, helping them assess the impact develop what levers to pull to reduce that impact and really putting them in a position so that they aren’t outflanked by their competitors

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