What opportunities has KPMG offered in IM?

Hear some of our KPMG leaders talk about what it’s like working in the manufacturing sector at KPMG.



Betsy Meter:
I've had an awesome career at KPMG. I've just completed 36 years with the firm, so as I enter into my 37th year it gives you a chance to really reflect on the journey that my career has been and I have had tremendous opportunity within the automotive industry in Detroit, in the industrial manufacturing sector, which I serve a number of clients and other industries such as chemicals and defense, and it has really brought in my experiences and allowed me to be an exemplary professional in those areas.

Eric Logan:
Some of the things that I look at as distinctive about KPMG that have helped me in my time here:

No. 1, I think it is the breadth of our client relationships. One of the beauties of KPMG is that we have relationships with most large organizations, so being able to leverage my partner network to really get into organizations and initiate the conversation. Our relationships are always at the appropriate level but at least we have relationships and organizations. 

Secondly, that we really can do what we profess and have an end to end solution. We can go strategy all the way through execution. Me as the strategist, I'm much more of a generalist, but really I can employ the assistance of a lot of my colleagues and our MC practice and our tax practice throughout to really get a holistic view of the challenges affecting the organization. 

The third thing that I would say is that at least from my experience, we really have a partnership. We kind of hunt as a pack – we go out together and we work together and we have a good understanding of where each other play and if I could say one thing, that's the thing that I think is the most impactful in my career is that it's the network and being pulled into things by my colleagues that recognize the value that I can offer to find.

Doug Zuvich:
What industrial manufacturing has done for me is that it's given me a full view of all the services that the firm delivers. It really helped me be a better partner, help me serve my clients better, it's really made a huge difference.

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