KPMG's 9th Annual Executive Auto Forum at the LA Auto Show

Check out what you missed at the 2018 LA Auto Show.

KPMG’s 9th Annual Automotive Executive Forum at the LA Auto Show, hosted by the KPMG U.S. Manufacturing Institute Automotive Center, took place November 28-29 in Los Angeles. It brought together over 250 of the top academic minds and industry luminaries across the automotive and transportation ecosystem to debate and discuss the biggest opportunities and challenges impacting the future of the industry. The automotive and transportation industries are on the cusp of revolutionary change from the competitive landscape to how we interact with vehicles. The timing may be faster than you think!



Brian Heckler
Hi, it's Brian Heckler. I'm here at the LA Auto Show and it's been a terrific event so far.

Gary Silberg
Hi, I'm Gary Silberg, awesome day, we talked about autonomous vehicles. We talked about public policy.

Brian Heckler
A bunch of exciting announcements by car makers and our forum here has really been exploring a wide diversity of issues and topics around how autonomy and electrification is going to take over the market and what it takes to get there.

Gary Silberg
We talked about the future of retail. Now, I'm here down on the show checking out the cars. An amazing day and it's only gonna get better.

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