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Since 2007, the KPMG Tax Governance Institute has shared with company stakeholders—board members, audit committee members, C-suite executives, and tax and finance executives—insights and leading practices for identifying, overseeing, managing, and disclosing tax risk issues.

Today, increased requirements for tax reporting that is shared among tax authorities and growing demand for company tax transparency by these authorities as well as the company stakeholders and the public at large, tax strategy governance has become an important business issue. As a Tax Governance Institute member, you'll receive invitations to our webcasts as well as related articles, podcasts, and survey findings to help you mange this issue.


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Insights on Tax & ESG

Embracing a new metric

Tax risk management has not escaped the growing focus by companies on environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles—initially, as a measurable element used in sustainability indexes, and more recently, with growing recognition that corporate tax strategy and policies can impact a company’s ESG position directly. This trend, magnified by a world economy hit hard by COVID-19 and the rise of economic nationalism, is making Tax ESG a new, critical yardstick by which businesses may be measured. 

CTO Insights: The Evolving Role of Tax and ESG

May 2021

Although it may not spring to mind when thinking about ESG initiatives, tax is an increasingly important component of a company’s ESG strategy. The growing ESG enthusiasm parallels a rising interest in a corporation’s income tax behaviors, tax responsibilities, and its overall economic contribution to society. Learn more about chief tax officers' thinking on the intersection of tax and ESG.

KPMG Tax Impact Reporting

Learn more about our KPMG Tax Impact Reporting services by reading our brochure, Navigating Tax Transparency.

Learn more about our KPMG Tax Impact Reporting services by reading our brochure, Navigating Tax Transparency.

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