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Globally, healthcare systems are struggling to deliver services and meet demand, amongst rising costs, workforce shortages and supply chain issues. A KPMG study found that a majority of healthcare leaders in provider organizations around the world believe their industry is in need of “disruption and change”, that digital technologies are a priority, but many leaders are not budgeting for this and are challenged in navigating the complexities of change. Healthcare leaders are under immense pressure to improve the way their organizations deliver care, improve patient and workforce experiences, all while driving efficiencies and reducing costs. Transformative change is needed.

The above-mentioned pressures are causing dire situations where care demand is outstripping supply in many jurisdictions, creating care gaps. To drive meaningful change, investment is needed in digital and transformative technologies.

In 2022, KPMG Member Firms around the world began collaborating to identify and promote a collection of key, existing Digital Health solutions that are solving similar challenges today.  Increasing KPMG’s healthcare teams’ ability in member firms around the world to leverage existing digital solutions with clients anywhere in the world. 

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